Technical equipment


  • 12x Robe Robin Pointe
  • Control unit: Chamsys MQ60
  • 280w HRI lamp
  • 4x Martin Atomic 3000 
  • Light control unit Milos QTV 3000
  • Motor CM lodestar, controller Proel PLC,
  • DMX signal splitter Swisson

PS. Show lighting of arena can be used only if you order it from our cooperation partners. Lighting technician is upon request
Rental of special solutions of show lighting and additional lighting from our cooperation partner based on the agreement.

Sound signals:

  • RCF amplifiers and speakers (10kW)
  • Digital mixer Allen & Heath QU-16
  • Radio microphones Audio Technica (4), AKG (1)
  • CD mp3 player RCF 103
  • Digital piano Kurtzweil SP58
  • Portable rack: digital mixer- 2 mic IN – 4 lineIN, CD-USB-SD player
  • 3 AKG dynamic microphones (wired)
  • Microphone stands (3)
  • Head microphone set TWS (2)
  • Mobile amplification set Samson XPS (1) 
  • Surround amplification of arena for carrying out sports competitions (skating, ice hockey, ball, martial arts and other) is included in the rental price
  • ​Showcase sound system ( concert, ice shows, fairs, company parties) and special solutions ( low-frequency loudspeakers, mixer, radio microphones and other accessories ) based on the price list. Amplification is maintained and serviced by IS Music Team. For the prices of services please contact us here:

Audio for translating television broadcasting and video streaming:
Microphone system, broadcast limiter system
Amplification is maintained and serviced by IS Music Team.

Video technology:
Video mixer, repeat server,  HD cameras on stands (3), controllable zoom ceiling-mounted cameras (3)

Internet connection for LIVE broadcasts
An opportunity to order a direct channel through Eesti Telekom (Elion), Elisa, Tele2
The price depends on the needs.
PS. The public WiFi and stationary network of the Ice Hall do not enable video streaming

The list will be further supplemented. For rental of video and audio technology send an inquiry here:


Tondiraba Icehall is situated in Lasnamäe:
Varraku 14, 13917 Tallinn
Harju County, Estonia

+372 602 3200

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