Curling is a fascinating teamplay game. An Olympic sport, the team result of which depends on each member’s individual effort. It is a fun and social entertainment which fits ideally for party group activity as well as for company events.

Tondiraba curling hall is the most modern building in Estonia with the best opportunities created for practicing curling. High quality ice and general conditions with new game devices designed for practitioners create an experience that so far only a few stars of this sport had seen. The cafe on the second floor of the centre has a great view of the curling lanes.

The dimensions of the curling hall are 14.5×44.5 m. A small grandstand is situated to the right of the curling hall. The hall includes 3 curling lanes. Events taking place in the hall can also be viewed from the restaurant.

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Tondiraba Icehall is situated in Lasnamäe:
Varraku 14, 13917 Tallinn
Harju County, Estonia

+372 602 3200

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