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Open ice skating for everyone
Open ice skating for figure skaters
Open ice hockey for adults
Open ice hockey for children
Sports schools and sports clubs
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory.
  • Tickets for open ice skating for figure skaters and open ice hockey for adults and children must be purchased before going on the ice. Open ice skating is currently not offered to ordinary visitors due to the spread of the coronavirus.
  • Please stay at home if you have any symptoms
  • Due to the distancing requirements, the ice rink can accommodate up to 50 visitors. For example, if there are 50 people on the ice and the 51st customer wants to buy a ticket, the customer must wait until a spot opens up for them.
  • All open ice skating visitors must register at the receptionist and provide their contact details: first name, last name, and telephone number.
  • Please keep a distance of at least 2 m with other skaters.
  • Please use the designated changing rooms for changing clothes. It is not allowed to change clothes in the lobby.
  • Parents (attendants) can only enter to help the child; and after that, we ask you to leave the building.
  • Only the designated ice rink for which a ticket has been issued may be used for skating. Visitors may not change the ice rink arbitrarily.


Tondiraba Icehall is situated in Lasnamäe:
Varraku 14, 13917 Tallinn
Harju County, Estonia

+372 602 3200

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